martes, 17 de abril de 2007



Other blogs

Introduction: In this unit I'm going to talk about other blogs in my class room...

Luis Vargas: Hi man I like very much your blog but I hate real madrid ... FC barcelona is the best ....

Xiomara Rincon: Hi xioma your blog is very nice, congratulations for your weekend.. I like very much your blog....

Ricardo Provenzani : Hi man your blog Is very great but I hate Real Mardrid My favorite team Is f.c barcelona and this year we are the champions a game... :D

lunes, 16 de abril de 2007


Introduction: In this unit I talk about The conversation that I had with Andrea in the last weekend.

Machine: Hi this is Andrea. I can't come to the phone right now. please leave me a message, and...

Andrea: Hello?

Luis: Hi Andrea how are you?

Andrea: I'm Fine Luis.

Luis: Are you going to do anything exciting this friday?

Andrea: Well, I'm not going to do anything special

Luis: Nice!! would you like go to the cinema with me?

Andrea: Oh yes thank you very much my friend.

Luis: Ok see you next friday at 7pm bye Andre.

Andrea: ok bye...


Introduction: In this unit I talk about the expotition with Luis Vargas of health problems...

Dr Vargas: Hi Luis how do you feel?

Luis Cardozo: I feel sick.

Dr Vargas: Why. What' s wrong?

Luis Cardozo: well, I have a terrible stomachace.

Dr Vargas: Why do you have a stomachace?

Luis Cardozo: Because I drank an ate to much yesterday.

Dr Vargas: Well, make an appoiment and see you tomorrow there.


Recepcionist: Hello. How can I help you?

Luis Cardozo: Good morning I have an appoiment to day with the doctor Vargas.

Recepcionist: Ok What's your name?

Luis Cardozo: My name is Luis Cardozo.

Recepcionist: Let me check... That's right you have an appoiment at 3:00 pm, sit down a second please.

Recepcionist: ok you can come in now.

Luis Cardozo: Ok thank you

Dr Vargas: Hi Luis how do you feel today?

Luis Cardozo: I still fell sick doctor. I'm still have a stomachache.

Dr Vargas: Ok take these pills and call me tomorrow if you are still sick.

Luis Cardozo: Ok thank you very much


Introduction : In this unit I talk abou My favorite celebrations. And Why Is my favorite celebrations..

My favorite celebration is chinita's day. This celebrations is in november 18th and I like very very much.

I like this celebrations because i have some days of vacations and I go out with my friends every years.


Introduction: In this Unit I talk about My talent, My favorite team and my favorite player...

Hi My name is Luis Cardozo I'm going to talk about my talent.

My talent is play basketball, I like this sport very much, My favorite team are Los Angeles Lakers and My favorite player is Kobe Bryant, I play every years for my school team.

Now I play when I have a free time with my friends.

The Food

Introduction: In this unit I talk about the food. the food that I like eat and the food thad I don' t like eat

1. Very little: Yogurt, cereal, milk and vegetables.

2. Some: Apples, bananas, fish, tomatoes, cheese and bread.

3. A lot of : Chicken, pasta, hamburger, beef and pizza.

- I love eating pizza and hamburgers, I really enjoy eating pasta, sometimes I eat some tomatoes, cheese and I usually eat a little cereal.

- I like pasta, hamburgers and pizza. I don`t like vegetables and yogurt.

- I need to eat more vegetables and milk. I need to eat less pasta, pizza and hamburgers.